Escape the City on an Easy Hiking Trail


Vietnam's nature is gorgeous! During our hike, we will not only explore the landscape, but you'll get a glimpse into the local rural life & culture of Vietnam. We'll start your hike by passing local countryside houses before reaching the river. You'll experience the carefree Vietnamese rural culture with locals often enjoying a dip in the water. The river is nature's swimming pool! We will then cross the French-built Long Bien bridge which represents our colonial past. I can share with you the historical stories that impacted our entire country. We are famous for our local produce. You'll walk past our farms filled with delicious fresh fruits & vegetables, as well as our fields of banana plantations. Here you'll see another swimming spot loved by locals; we really do love the water! This Hanoi hiking tour is around 4 hours long. It includes a car pick-up and drop-off at the centrally located Opera House. The hike itself is around 3 hours and is suitable for any experience level and children. Come and escape the city with me! I look forward to showing you the quiet countryside of Hanoi. If there are any specific things you want to add to your hike, just let me know. I can 100% personalize this tour for you.

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