Edinburgh Literature Tour: Bookstores & Famous Authors


Are you a lover of books and a fan of literature? Curious to know more about the lives of famous authors and their works? Join me on a private tour and let's step into the riveting literary world and get to know Edinburgh’s historic bookstores. See from Scotland’s first-ever typewriter shop to independent bookstores started by political radicals. We will pass through both ancient rickety antique stores and the modern counterparts that are offering literary performance spaces and inspiring radical social change. We will see ancient collections, witness the sci-fi revival, and visit the sites where various renowned authors lived and wrote their stories in the world’s first UNESCO city of literature. The local tour will also take you through the odd backstreets in the historic old town, which formed the grisly setting for the popular Rebus detective novels by Ian Rankin. Fans of Irvine Welsh will be thrilled when we reach the thunderous streets that made up the setting for the iconic opening scene of Trainspotting. We will also see the cafe where a destitute J.K. Rowling wrote the Harry Potter series and visit the birthplace of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I will introduce you to the place where he started creating the formidable character of Sherlock Holmes before ending the private tour with a drink at an iconic pub. Any other place you would like to add to the plan? Let me know, and I'll personalize your experience to make your wishes come true.

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