Dubai's Favourite Indian Food Tour - 10 Tastings


Smell and feel the history of India through the tastings I will present you on this walking tour. Make your taste buds dance and hear all about the influence of the Indian culture in Dubai's cuisine. Being Indian myself, I can show you the real Indian flavors, herbs and spices! Dubai is one of the cities which has got a huge Indian population and has inversely influenced the cuisine of the city. However, India is a big country with 29 different states, 29 different cultures, and 1000’s of spoken languages which reflects a huge contrast of culture! In my tour, I’m trying to bring one favorite dish from all the famous cities of India on a plate for you to taste the real flavors of India! This tour is 100% personalized to your liking, let me know your preferences, and I will change the plan to your preferences and dietary needs.

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