Dubai Through the Lens: The Best Spots and Landmarks for a Layover


Dubai is already postcard ready, so why not capture it in a series of incredible pictures? Join me for a unique tour around the ultimate photo-perfect places in Dubai! I know the best places in town to capture the beautiful scenic essence of my city. This photo tour will give you the best backgrounds and picture-perfect spots for Instagram worthy photographs of the most iconic and luxurious buildings and landmarks. From the Sheikh's palace to the top of the Dubai Frame to the Burj al Arab and even Ski Dubai. You'll get to see the best and most picturesque places that this beautiful city has to offer! This private tour is the perfect opportunity to discover more about Dubai, through its beautiful sights and behind your camera lens where the true essence of the city will be shown. Any other place you would like to capture? I can add them to the list, just let me know!

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