Dubai Late Night Layover Tour


Arriving late to Dubai with a layover in between? If you have some time to spare, good news, I've got you covered! Join me for a private night tour where you can see Dubai's highlights, gain an insight into its history and enjoy the city to the max before your next adventure. I'll be waiting for you at the airport to kickstart your Dubai experience as soon as you land. Hop inside your private car, relax, enjoy the ride and get ready to get amazed by this cosmopolitan city. This layover experience will take you to the must-sees of the city like the Burj al Arab, Emirates Towers and other buildings that make Dubai such a great destination. And let's not forget about the Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world. Enjoy the unique sound and light fountain show from the Burj Khalifa Lake and visit the Dubai Marina's artificial canal built along the Arabian Gulf shoreline. Top off your private experience with the must-see Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Snap great photos before I drop you off at the airport right in time for you to go to your next destination. This experience is 100% personalized and can be adjusted to your time availability and requests. Get in touch with me and let's talk about it.

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