Discover Southern Venice with a History Specialist


Have you always wanted to explore the magical city of Venice without following the hustle and bustle of tourists and crowds? Then this private experience is just for you! I'm a licensed guide who knows all the ins and outs of my beautiful city and look forward to sharing them with you. As we stroll around the impressive Ca' Rezzonico palace and its wonderful hidden ​gardens, get ready to find out how the Venetian aristocracy used to live their daily lives. I can tell you all about their secret treasures and hobbies as you marvel at the XVIII century works of art. Explore countless statues, beautiful paintings, and decorations of all kinds. I can even show the master's bedroom to you! It doesn't end here. I'll guide you away from the crowds through the quiet parts of the city after seeing the Grand Canal. Here we can enjoy some tranquil streets and picturesque squares. Top of your tour at the Basilica Saint Mary of Health, where you can marvel at a stunning blend of statues near the water. This tour can be 100% customized around your preferences, so feel free to let me know your wishes! Please note: on Tuesday Ca' Rezzonico​ is closed, so if you would like to do a tour on that day, please contact me so that I can look for a great alternative!

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Prijs: € 70.00

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