Day Trip to Bohemian Switzerland National Park


This day trip is a perfect escape from the city and filled with surprises. Visit the most famous monuments, stroll by beautiful rivers, and hike mountains. This breathtaking day trip to the Bohemian Switzerland National Park will leave you with many new perspectives. I'm a certified tour guide and will show you the way to Gabriela┬┤s trail. Get ready for a 6 km walk from the village of Mezni Louka to the gate of Pravcicka. After a nice stroll filled with the best viewpoints and impressive rocks, we'll have a relaxing break for lunch under the Pravcicka Gate. Admire the biggest natural sandstone arch in Europe. It's considered the most beautiful natural form in Czech Switzerland and is the symbol of the entire area. Get ready for a 2 km walk down to the village of Hrensko. Continue for another 2 km's to Edmund┬┤s Gorge, where you will relax on the boat on the river Kamenice. During the winter season, we'll admire the beautiful Jetrichovice views instead. At the end of the valley, there will be time for coffee or cold beer in the small village of Mezna. The total length of the tour will be 5-13km and can be 100% personalized to your preferences. Just get in touch!

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Prijs: € 99.00

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