Dangerous beauty - The Incredible Women of Venice Private Tour


We all know about the amazing men that contributed to the history of Venice, but what about the equally amazing women? In the history of Venice, many Venetian (but also foreign) women have distinguished themselves for their independence and capacity to look ahead. Some negotiated crucial contracts for themselves and civilians, and others formed associations for being able to do business in times when women were not allowed. Either way, they were all extraordinary personalities whose stories deserve to be told. On my private tour, I can share with you many fascinating stories of the women of Venice. In our history, the events of many remarkable women intertwine. From the first inhabitants of the lagoon and the islands to the letters of female entrepreneurs. From glass artisan to courtesans there are so many stories. I am excited to tell you all about them! Join me on my private experience to discover Venice through the eyes, hands, and hearts of its fascinating women. If you wish to focus one of the amazing women in particular (or discovering the history of the Guggenheim collection in Venice and the three fascinationg ladies lived there or visiting the perfumes and costumes museum) or tweak the tour here and there; get in touch and I will customize this tour 100% to your wishes.

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