Czech Cubist Architecture


I'm a professional photographer and architecture enthusiast and can't wait to take you to 6-15 Czech Cubist Architecture sites. Some will be famous locations and many will be ones that are off the beaten path. I'll make sure to take you to places most people don't visit and show you the best viewing angles. On the tour I'll tell you all about the unique form of cubism that appeared in Czech architecture with crystalline and round derivations of geometric shapes. Czech architects were the only ones in the world to also apply cubist forms to architecture. I'll take you to the famous House of the Black Madonna designed by the main Czech leading architects of the cubist era. We'll make our way to another well-known cubist architect: Chochol, who built some of the Most Cubist Looking buildings. Let me tell you all the reasons why the cubist architecture of Prague is unique. The tour will be full of enthusiasm and facts. Just get in touch and let me know if you've any preferences. I can always 100% personalize the tour according to your wishes for you or your group of friends.

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