Cultural Tour: Temples & Mosques of KL


Kuala Lumpur is proud of its multicultural traditions and has embraced different traditions and religions since a long time ago. You can see that on its multiple temples and mosques. From Muslim, Buddhist, Taoist and Hindu temples, I want to show you five temples that reflect the wide diversity and the close harmony of Kuala Lumpur's different cultures. Besides this being a learning experience, these temples and mosques are a beautiful sight to behold. I'll be there by your side to explain each and every one of the places you visit and to help you uncover their hidden symbols and local references. I can tell you about the 228 Hindu idols on the five tiers of the entrance gate to the Sri Mahamarianman Hindu Temple. There’s also the hand-painted motifs depicting stories from early Hinduism. You’ll feel the wondrous joy of the open courtyard and symmetrical pavilions of the Chan She Shu Yuen Clan Association Temple. Inside, you can admire colorful paintings, intricate woodcarvings and beautiful ceramics, as well as scenes of gold-painted warriors, battling lions, and spectacular dragons. You can also enjoy the breathtaking splendor of my country’s National Mosque which can host more than 15,000 worshipers. And you cannot miss the oldest Taoist temple in Kuala Lumpur: the Sin Sze Ya Chinese Temple often filled with devotees. This temple is also a cultural center for the Chinese community of the city. And not everything is temples and mosques! You will also get a chance to stroll through the hustle & bustle of Chinatown, enjoy the beautiful gardens of our national mosque, and sample some tasty treats from the city’s street vendors. As a true local of Kuala Lumpur I can’t wait to share some unique insights and personal anecdotes with you! Also, ask me as many travel questions as you want. I can also advise on which eateries and bars that will best suit your preferences. Want to adjust your temple tour to include additional activities? No problem - I can also fully personalize the tour to your preferences!

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