Creative Handmade Jewelry Workshop


Once, there was a woman who said: The possessions of a woman lie within her collection of jewels. What if we introduce a new element in this story, so you could be the author, protagonist, and holder of it? What if the jewelry was handmade and you can choose the color, style, and type of the jewelry yourself? During this workshop, I will introduce you to some different tools and many types of materials to make the jewelry with. I will show jewelry samples I have made before. I will also explain to you different techniques of beading and make jewelry. You can use any type of material you want: wood, stone, shells, metal, plastic, or clay. First I will show you how to make a basic necklace (or bracelet). Then we will go for something more complicated and finally maybe create a whole set of necklace, bracelet, and earrings. Crafting your own earrings, necklaces, and bracelets have never been so easier. Remember: at the end of this workshop, you can take home everything that you made! Just get in touch with me and let's talk about your experience. You ca 100% personalize it, just let me know. This Jewelry workshop is tailor-made like no other! :)

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Prijs: € 38.00

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