Create Tangible Family Memories in Florence - Polaroid Photo Tour


Looking for a creative & fun experience in Florence with your family? Capture the true essence of the city on a Polaroid photo tour for an instant and lasting memory of your trip. Snap & capture as you stroll through the city! First things first, you'll receive a Vintage Polaroid camera and 1 pack of film that you'll use throughout the whole experience. I'll do a quick introduction on how to use the camera and the films, and once you are set, it's time to snap away! I'll provide some colorful balloons and soap bubbles for your smaller kids as awesome props to make their Polaroid even cooler! Walk through the city center and along the narrow streets to stumble into hidden squares and picture-perfect spots. The magic of this places is that they truly show you the real soul of Florence. And through your pictures, you can capture the local essence while giving it your own touch! Walk through the San Lorenzo district and explore local piazzas like Piazza della Repubblica, Piazza della Signoria, Santo Spirito, and much more! Discover hidden spots and learn stories that only a local can reveal you! I'll give you tips & tricks along the way, helping you to create awesome, self-made souvenirs in the form of Polaroids. Let me know how I can make this tour even more exceptional!

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Prijs: € 75.00

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