Craft Beer Tour in Berlin's Hip District of Neukolln


Beer and Berlin go hand in hand, so it's a must to try some of the best craft beers in the city. Come with me on an alternative beer tour to a vibrant neighborhood where you can meet local brewers, visit unique breweries and drink flavorful brews. Welcome to the Neukolln district! I was born and raised in this up and coming borough and let me tell you it's full of cool places to grab a beer. I'll introduce you to the Berlin beer culture and the local breweries that are finessing the art of craft beers. Who wants a beer...or two? Discover a new brewery that focuses on non-industrial, organic craft beer – the Brauhaus Neulich, an improvised brewery with an authentic hands-on approach, where I'll show you how to actually brew beer. Finally we will reach Alphonse Bar, where you will try Beer that I in fact brew myself... At the end of the tour, I’ll happily answer any questions and offer some tips on Berlin and its amazing nightlife. This tour is suited for newcomers or beer connoisseurs and can be adapted to around your beer preferences. *Some of the breweries might be closed the day of your tour, but don't worry I have great alternatives in mind!*

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