Costa Brava Adventure Tour: Kayaking & Lagoon Dipping


If you are looking for a bit of adventure while visiting Barcelona, I know the right place! Join me on a private tour to the stunning Costa Brava and let's get into adventure mode. Kayak in crystal clear waters, enjoy the natural surroundings, and if you're up for it, let's do some cliff jumping! Let's hit the road to explore Costa Brava. As I drive you to our kayak spot, you can enjoy the ride as you admire the spectacular coastal landscape characterized by Aleppo and Stone pine trees overhanging the cliffs and sandy beaches with crystal clear water. In an hour at most, we will reach the splendid beach in Sant Pol de S’Agaro. We'll get ready at the Escola de Vela for our kayaking explorations so, don't forget your swimsuit! Our sea kayaking adventure will lead us to one secret cave where we will enjoy the first refreshing bath. The sea kayaks will allow us to gently propel along the fantastic coastal cliffs while enjoying the marine ecosystems, including seagulls, cormorants, and variety of fish. Ready to take the plunge? We will find a secluded spot among the rocks to enjoy some cliff jumping if desired. In the end, if you're feeling hungry, I will recommend local restaurants so that you can reward yourselves with a famous 'paella.' Do you want to spend more time at the beach? There's always time to do that! Let me know if you have any other request, and I'll make sure to personalize your tour to your wishes.

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