Cooking Class at Classic Home Cooking School


Join me for a fun cooking class at my Thai cooking school! This activity will take place in small groups, giving you the opportunity to really learn everything there is to know about Thai cooking! We will set up an original Thai cuisine with Lanna style. We will first visit a large local market, where you can buy everything from fresh food, vegetables, to herbs and fruits. A perfect place to experience the life of local people. After this, the cooking starts! I will teach you everything in Thai home-cooking style. We will start with the curry paste by hand-made stone mortar and pestle, followed by a special cutting technique for Thai food. While cooking, I will give you information about the Thai herbs, and the many benefits they have for your health. After the cooking class, you will be awarded with a colorful cook book (featuring more than 50 dishes) and a certificate. I guarantee you a 100% safety on cooking for an unlimited age (from 5 years up). Let me know if you have any food restrictions or allergies, so I can adapt the recipes accordingly. Let's start cooking together in this friendly environment with lots of fun!

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