Cook Vietnamese Meals with Mom!


My mom love cooking! Yes, that's why my family always have meal at home. My mom would like to introduce her food to the world. We welcome you as a member to join our home made meal and share the family moment. You can tell me if you'd like to do cooking. We could go to the market, choose fresh ingredients, and then cook together. Otherwise, you just come and every thing is ready! Menu Example: _Spring roll (crispy or fresh) _Grilled Sugarcane Pork roll: Finely pork blend with pounded asian spices, lettuce, mint leaves, basil, rolled by angel hair vermicelli, dipping soybean sauce _Steam or grilled seafood: shell, squid, shrimp...depend on season _Salad _Pine apple fish soup: tuna, pine apple, tomato, mushroom _Dessert: Fruit, cassava and coconut cake _Wine or beer, water (After meal, you can ask my mom for a cup of coffee. She's proud to serve you her own made coffee!)

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