Cook Gnocchi as a Roman Mother with the Cooking Couple


Our mothers and grandma spend all the mornings in the kitchen, preparing bread, homemade pasta and delicious food, while the children helped to prepare (and eating during the preparation) gnocchi, fettuccine, ravioli. We miss those times and we want show you how it is simple to prepare delicious gnocchi with few ingredients and a lot of love. We use to do it, often in winter on Sunday when all the family is at home, we did it in the family restaurant we had in the past and now we want to do it with you, too. We live in Monteverde Nuovo neighborhood, a green and quiet area, on the top of Trastevere (Monte means Mount), in summer we can have dinner outside on the terrace to enjoy the Roman fresh wind called Ponentino. We have all you need to prepare gnocchi, under the expert guide of Francesco Giovanni, then we'll taste gnocchi, we are also drinking wine or beer if you prefer (ask us before, normally we drink wine!). If there are children, well a soft drink for them is mandatory! After gnocchi we'll end the dinner with a good coffee.

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