Cook Authentic Greek Cuisine with a Pro Chef


I started cooking as a young child with my grandmother. We would prepare traditional local recipes together with all of the best-kept secrets in Greek cuisine. Would you like to know the biggest secret? Love. The most crucial ingredient in cooking is always Love! We'll start with the famous tzatziki! Your Greek cooking class cannot be complete without mastering authentic Greek tzatziki. Veggies or meat; it's up to you! For our main course, you have a choice between a vegetarian dish, Eggplants stuffed with tomato, onion and feta cheese, Or a meat dish, Soutzoukakia - Beef meatballs cooked in tomato sauce. Both are typical Greek dishes and utterly mouthwatering. You can expect an unforgettable experience on a roof terrace with a fantastic, panoramic view of Athens, Acropolis and Lycabettus Hill. Join me at the table to enjoy a relaxing Greek meal as friends. Any dietary requests? Let me know! I will gladly adjust the menu to meet your needs.

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