Colors & Myths of Athens: Family Friendly Tour


Let me show you the beauty and hidden places of my beautiful city, while I keep the interest and energy level of the kids alive with many stories of gods and emperors plus fun and educative games. Stroll through Monastiraki square, where I will share with the kids a handmade souvenir that I will make just for them, and I'll explain to them it's story. I will also introduce to them the treasure hunt map and the prize for the winner! After you hear all the stories from the different eras that the city went through like the Roman and Ottoman empire, move on to your next stop: Psiri. This place is famous for its graffiti culture and lively nightlife. Wonder around admiring the street art pieces and a myriad of colors! Continue your walk through the biggest food market in town, where you can taste some of the best local delicacies like olives, fruits, etc. But keep your appetite because the best souvlaki in the city is just around the corner! This is one of my very own recommendations, let me know if you want to try it! I left the best stop for last, the National Gardens. Here, the kids will have the opportunity to socialize with local kids and play while you take a break and enjoy the local park. I will also teach you some of the basic words in greek like 'Kalimera' which means 'good morning' and of course, how to write your name. Before we say goodbye I will share with you my favorite spot for a pistachio ice cream, truly the best in the city. I will also give you all the family friendly recommendations you need for the rest of your stay in the city. Please let me know if you or the kids have any dietary restrictions or requirements and I will adjust the tour accordingly!

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