Colombo to Kandy in 1 Amazing Day with a Local


A trip to Sri Lanka should include a visit to Kandy but if you don't have much time to spare, I have the perfect solution for you! I will take you on a day trip from Colombo to Kandy, where you will see what this beautiful city has to offer. I will be your private driver and personal guide! And it's not only about what you will see in Kandy, this experience is also about the hidden gems along the way. Along the way, you'll have the opportunity to go to an Elephant Safari in Pinnawala. Once in Kandy, you will discover the must-sees of the city. Go to the Spice and Herbal garden where I will tell you all about the tons of spices used and known in Sri Lanka. And no visit to Kandy is complete without a visit to the famous Tooth Relic Temple! This temple holds tons of stories and interesting insights about Buddhism, I'll explain everything. Walk around the Kandy Lake created by the Last King and visit the Gem museum, this place showcases everything there is to know about Sri Lanka's Gem Stones. Plus, enjoy tons of local stories provided by me and ask away! I'll answer all of your travel questions. Let me create the perfect day in Kandy for you!

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