Coffee Plantation & Local Lifestyle Private Tour


Coffee drinkers the world over are curious about Kintamani coffee. Discover the story of Bali’s famous coffee on this private tour. Visit a plantation and learn how they create tasty coffee with delicious aromas. Plus visit a local village and get acquainted with the Balinese lifestyle. The Kintamani highlands are the ideal spot for growing coffee. With its perfect climate, volcanic soil and of course the expert hands of the local farmers, the aromas here are seriously special. Meet a local coffee producer, visit a plantation and learn how the coffee is processed to ensure maximum taste. Follow the coffee bean’s whole journey from selecting to cleaning to roasting. Now it is time for the tastings, and there sure are a lot! Try Kintamani coffee every way you can think of. Honey-flavored coffee, wine-flavored coffee, and even tea made from coffee skin are all available for you to taste. Take a moment to get in touch with Bali’s beautiful nature. Stroll through a bamboo forest and take in the lush green surroundings. Visit a local Balinese village and discover the local lifestyle and culture. Enjoy a Balinese-style lunch in a local warung (restaurant). This typically consists of chicken soup, grilled rice, salt fish and chicken wrapped in banana leaves, and for dessert Balinese cake. Pick up and drop off are included in this tour, just let me know where you are staying. This tour is 100% personalizable, let me know what you would like to see and I will create a route just for you.

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