Chocolate Lovers' Heaven: Private Tasting Experience


We’ve all heard about wine and food tastings, but how about a chocolate tasting? Get a taste of spices and chocolate made by me & my wife, but also chocolate from all parts of the world. My wife and I own a chocolate and spice shop in the old harbor area of Amsterdam. Here we have combined chocolate and spices to create a unique tasting experience just for you. Learn about spices, discover how chocolate is made, and do plenty of sampling: from white to dark chocolate, spicy chocolates, unique chocolates from different parts of the world, single origin chocolates, and even homemade bonbons! All our chocolates are Direct Trade and single origin.Through our chocolates we work on reforestation projects, and have planted over 4500 trees in 2021. By the end of the tasting, your gourmet appetite should be satisfied after sampling delicious chocolate, as well as your intellectual curiosity. Come, taste and discover for yourself! The tasting part lasts 45 minutes, than I'll take you on a walk along other sustainable entrepreneurs that I work with.

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Prijs: € 47.06

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