Charming Medieval Villages Private Day Trip


This is a unique private day trip by car, discovering two of the most charming medieval villages of the Campania region: Montesarchio and Sant'Agate de' Goti! We will reach both villages running along the mountains and hills of the beautiful Caudina Valley landscape. Our first stop will be Montesarchio, a village on Mount Taburno slope. We will discover this gem together, its history, culture, and folklore. We'll visit the old part of the village, almost at the top of the mount, where some people still live. Once we reach the top, we'll find a tower that used once to be a prison and nowadays offers one of the most beautiful views of the Caudina Valley! After visiting this beautiful village we will head to a typical agriturismo for lunch. Here we will try local specialties like various type of meat, mushrooms, cheese, and local wine! With our belly full we will head over to Sant'Agata de' Goti, on the opposite side of Mount Taburno. The old part of the city, founded during the Roman era, is located on a tuff cliff that can be reached from a bridge connecting the two sides, divided by the Isclero river. Sant'Agata is a maze of alleys and old fashioned houses, strolling in the city is like going back in time. Here, looks like time never passed as even the locals are used to a more simple life. Very special to the city is the Cathedral which was founded in 970, and we won't miss it! These little villages in the inner part of Campania are just waiting to be discovered! Jump with me in an adventure discovering these two little but precious gems Campania has to offer!

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Prijs: € 120.00

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