Central Bohemian Private Tour


Experience the bohemian vibe of Czech Republic away from the crowds and join me for a unique tour through the heart of Central Bohemia during a private all-inclusive and exclusive tour. From typical Czech handcraft traditional glassworks to exclusive access of one of the oldest building in the Czech Republic to tradition Czech cuisine this tour has it all. See the medieval town of Kutna Hora and its beautiful church - the Cathedral of Saint Barbara. Here you can see a unique collection of late Gothic and Renaissance paintings preserved. In the suburb of Kutna Hora is situated Sedlec, where you can visit one of the most incredible Gothic chapels named Ossuary Kostnice. Immerse yourself in the world of a brewery in its best traditions, while I'll tell you a lot of interesting historical facts which are connected with making one of the finest beers in the world. Hear colorful tales of the ancient kings, monks, queens, saints, sinners, and soldiers that shaped medieval Kutna Hora. If there is any other place on the way you would like to see and visit, let me know. I can personalize your tour the way you want.

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Prijs: € 188.24

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