Buddha Experience: Meditation, Monks & Food


Whether you are an avid meditator or you simply want to learn about meditation and its origins, this program is perfect for everyone. Let me tell you all about Buddhism during our visit to The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum. Here we will wander through quiet halls full of history and art. I'll tell you stories of The Buddha's life, and why he went from a prince holding high power and huge fortune to a poor man living in the forest. You will learn how he eventually discarded poverty & misery to become The Enlightened One. Bring his wisdom back home and see changes in your life. Once we reach the Buddha Tooth Relic chamber, your private meditation workshop will begin. You'll learn about meditation techniques and then you'll begin your noble silence practice. You will meditate in the presence of The Buddha Tooth Relic, which is equivalent to meditating in the presence of The Buddha, who is the head monk of all the monks in the world. This experience cannot be found anywhere else as it is more spiritual than touristy. So why not take a little break from your trip and don't think about your worries? Once the workshop is over, we will recharge energy with a delicious 5 course vegan lunch in the streets of Singapore. This is the perfect way to go back to the city after a bit of peace and quiet. This very complete workshop will leave you satisfied both spiritually, physically and mentally. With tons of local insights, stories, lessons and food, you'll be ready to continue your journey through Singapore, and your life. And if you have any special requests to know in-depth on The Buddha's philosophy and meditation, don't hesitate to let me know and I'll personalize this experience for you even more! P.S.: The temple provides clean robes for free rental, you won't have to worry about what is the appropriate attire for this workshop. No restriction on footwear.

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