Budapest's Vegan/Pesceterian Food Tasting Tour


I used to work at one of the most popular vegan restaurants in Budapest and tried most of the vegan versions of the local foods available on the market. Hungarian food is delicious but can also be quite heavy from too much meat. So why not try the same dishes but in a vegan version? On this private vegan tour, you can still enjoy the best traditional dishes but on a lighter and healthier version because a full belly is also a happy heart! Come with me, and I'll show you tips & tricks for the most perfect vegan experience. Our experience starts at the Great Market Hall as you will not find any place that has more fresh and juicy local veggies and fruits in Budapest! We will start with a heartwarming tasting, a freshly made strudel of your choice! I will also show you some hidden stalls where we can grab some local specialities. Of course, the paprika tasting is inevatable when you are in the market! We continue on the Danube Promenade for a wonderful panorama to Buda side and bang at the oldest and biggest vegan restaurant in Budapest! Their vegan Bean Goulash tastes just like the original version but with lots of veggies and beans. A freshly baked scone with the soup will make this experience complete. We carry on visiting a unique vegan bar in downtown. It is actually my very favourite place.I will get you their daily offer, which allows you try what local vegetarians eat on a daily basis. Of course, we will not skip our national street food: Langos and Chimney Cake! We are finishing this tour at Budapest's liveliest Street Food Karavan, just right next to the famous ruin bar in the Jewish Quarter. Your treat here will be a nice glass of Hungarian wine or a refreshing fruit or rose lemonade. If you are adventurous enough, we can try some local shots, like Palinka or Unicum too! During our experience, I will point out famous streets, buildings, and spots as well as to provide you with other local & vegan recommendations for the following days. And if there are other dietary preferences, let me know, and I'll personalize this food tour 100% around you! This tour can be perfectly personalized for pescaterians too, in that case we will try Fish Stew or Fisherman's Soup, instead of the Goulash Soup!

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