Budapest's Urban Nature: Margaret Island Private Tour


Join me to explore a magical little place of heaven placed between Buda and Pest. Being there always gives you the sense of taking some time off from the hustle and bustle of the city. Let's rediscovering some of the oldest places of Hungarian Christianity in Budapest, as we tread along three ancient monastery ruins, and get to experience one of our most beloved parks. To make things more convenient, we can rent buggies, carts or electric cars as well. The nicest thing to do on Margaret Island is what so many of the city's inhabitants do - bring a picnic and lie back in the flowery grass. While visiting several ruins, we will be crossing one of the largest rose gardens in the city and admire a variety of trees and vegetation. Climb a few stairs up to Margaret Island Water Tower, which is the oldest and one of tallest water towers in Hungary. Once you are here, enjoy the wonderful view of the Open Air Stage, the Island and of the City. We will finish our tour at the Japanese garden on the other side of the island. The tour this way combines adventure with leisure and creates for a unique experience in the heart of the city. Feel like adjusting the itinerary a bit or do you have special requests? No problem! I can 100% customize this experience for you.

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