Budapest Off-the-Beaten Track Private Tour


Join me for a unique off-the-beaten-track private tour of Budapest. Discover the most local and authentic places of the city and let me give you personal recommendations for your next days to get the most of my city. Budapest is not an old city, but the Downtown is built on the medieval town of Pest. Together we can discover another side of the district, the one beyond the touristy souvenir shops and restaurants. Let's follow the signs of the Roman settlement and find the medieval city wall, which is going to lead us to the red light district of the 19th century. Here we will pass the oldest garden of the city, a perfect spot for a break. In a nearby underground bar, we can have a drink too! Heading towards the Main Market Hall, you can impress y‚Äčour taste buds with the best snacks. I'll show you the best Hungarian chocolate manufacturer and if you wish we can pop in a little shop with artisan products from around our biggest lake, Balaton. Before ending the tour, our last stop will be the Main Market Hall. With an interesting story behind it, the place has everything you imagine: cured meats, local cheese, paprika, and local sweets. Are you in the story already? If yes, let's meet and make it real. If there's anything that you would like to change to the itinerary, don't worry. The tour can be personalized to fulfill your wishes, just let me know.

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