Bruges History, Magic & Chocolate Private Tour


Let the independent historical researcher show you around Bruges, paying particular attention to less known facts and places in the history of this amazing city. We will be time travelling to the mysterious origins of Bruges, admire its medieval splendour and then walk through its golden age, discovering many hidden secrets along the way and learn how it survived so perfectly preserved through the ages. We will talk about its Celtic pagan roots, Roman conquest, Vikings, missing treasures and many legends. You'll hear about the city of artists, magicians, alchemists, writers, Knights Templar, traders, philosophers, witches and ghosts. By the end of our tour, you will know more than most locals and will learn why Bruges was one of the most unique and important cities in Europe. We will see the original chapel of the Holy Grail, discover why Bruges was once considered the city of the dead, check out enchanted buildings, and hear tragic stories of the war and plagues. For a small town, Bruges has tons of history! We will also talk about Belgian and Bruges beers, it's cuisine and have a taste of delicious chocolates (optional). Tours can be completely personalised to make your Bruges experience more unique.

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Prijs: € 25.00

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