Bohemian Paris & Famous Artists


Have you always wanted to experience the true Bohemian artist world? Then make sure to visit Montmartre! Join me on a private tour where we will walk in the footsteps of famous artists. Hear stories about their lives and see where and how they got inspired. Do you have favorite artists who worked in Montmartre? Mine is Van Gogh! ​ I can tell you all about Toulouse Lautrec, who is synonymous with the Moulin Rouge. I can also tell you all about Cezanne​ and why he was so important in Picasso’s time. You can also see if we can find dancing matinees like those featured on Renoir’s painting, and search for the real artistic spirit of Montmartre. ​Anything else you'd like to see? Just let me know, and we can build it into our tour - which can be 100% customized around your wishes!

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Prijs: € 60.00

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