Berlin's Reichstag & Government Quarter Private Tour


Join me on a private tour of Berlin’s exciting government district. I am a former history student and am passionate about my city's history. Together we'll visit Berlin's must see-landmarks & I will share all my the local insights with you. Whether you are a history lover, interested in architecture, or just curious about this interesting part of the city, you’ll get to know each important era that shaped Berlin. Visit the Brandenburg Gate, which is a symbol of unity in Germany. Stroll inside the government quarter and let’s discuss the Reichstag. Learn why the Reichstag was built, the role it played in the Nazi period, and what happened when Berlin was separated. Wander along the river Spree and spot architectural gems. This spot is full of interesting modern-style buildings, a must-see if you are interested in architecture. Finally, let’s pay a visit to the iconic Dome of the Reichstag. Enjoy spectacular city views and get to know the building’s fascinating history. I’ll arrange a reservation for you depending on the dates and time slots available. Just let me know your name and date of birth in advance, I’ll need that to make the booking. The best part about this tour is that it is 100% personalizable. If you want to adjust the route just let me know and I will customize this tour just for you.

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Prijs: € 45.00

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