Berlin's Posh Sister: Quick Day Trip to Potsdam


Discover the city of Potsdam, once home to Prussian kings and the German Kaiser. Through wars and alliances, arts and sciences, as well as personal woes and obsessions, the Prussian dynasty has shaped Germany's future in the times of the First and Second Reich. We start our tour by crossing the Long Bridge which takes us a step back into history. At the Alter Markt, we'll discuss the first Prussian king and Prussia's position within the Holy Roman Empire. The streets in Potsdam are full of stories! We'll talk about architecture with reference to the royal succession, we'll try to imagine living in Potsdam 300 years ago, and guess the names of blockbusters filmed in Potsdam's famous studios. A 15 min bus ride will take us to the famous New Palace, while a stroll through the famous Sansoucci Park will lead us to the main palace, built by the most celebrated king of all the Fredericks and Williams of Prussia. We continue on to the colorful promenade with coffee shops and souvenirs located just behind Potsdam's own Brandenburg Gate. We will walk through the unique and adorable Dutch Quarter built here for immigrants from Holland and finish near the old heart of town on the main street that leads back to our meeting point.

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