Berlin Under Nazism Tour: Beginnings & Aftermath


Looking to know more about the 'Third Reich' era? Allow me to present & show you historical insights of Germany’s darkest time in history. In a private walking tour, I'll show you around areas that describe and define that infamous period. Experience the rise and fall of the Nazi regime, their fallen victims and let's touch on about post-WWII Germany, as well. See the Reichstag, the Holocaust monuments, Brandenburg Gate and other areas relevant to the history of this period. This historical tour is completely personalized so if there is a specific point of interest, please let me know and I would be happy to accommodate them in your private experience. By the end of this tour, you will get more insights and understanding to Hitler's rise to power and the darkness that covered Germany during the WWII era. I hope I can help enlighten​ you about this subject for a better understanding.

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Prijs: € 41.18

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