Berlin Sunset Photo Tour with a Local Photographer


The blue hour is when a city is the most photogenic, especially Berlin. It's the time of day when natural and artificial light are equally bright and complement each other perfectly. Join me on a private tour and let's capture Berlin under the best light! Did you ever wonder how to capture those cool light-trails or how to get a shot of a famous landmark without any people in it? I will happily share all of the tricks and techniques I use myself to capture cityscapes during the blue hour. I'm a born and raised Berliner photographer, and I want to share with you my tips and tricks about night and cityscape photography. Are you a professional photographer? Or how about a beginner photographer with a curious mind? This photo tour is for everyone, and I will adapt it according to your experience and wishes. So, let's get our camera ready and test the field! You'll have amazing photos to share with your loved ones as well as knowledge to make your next city trip a photographic success.

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Prijs: € 92.94

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