Berlin During the Cold War With a History Lover


Join me on a journey into Berlin’s past. On this private tour, we will discover the city during the Cold War years. Get up close and personal with the Berlin Wall, visit the Palace of Tears and check out the Bernauer Strasse Museum. Plus I’ll share all my stories of life during these difficult years with you. We will start our private tour at the Bernauer Strasse, an open-air museum and former border strip. On this site, many families and friends were divided overnight. Get an amazing insight into the past events, discover remains from the wall and objects used by residents to escape. Stroll over to Nordbahnhof, which was once a ghost station. From here we can take the U-Bahn to the Palace of Tears. Named by Berliners because it was the scene of so many painful goodbyes. Take in the modern-style architecture, at complete odds to the building’s sinister function! Hop back on the U-Bahn and head to Checkpoint Charlie. You may recognize this spot from the James Bond movie Octopussy. This is the most well-known border crossing from the Cold War and was the place American and Soviet tanks faced each other at the height of the crisis. There is a lot of history to uncover here! Want to hear a local’s perspective? I am truly passionate about Berlin’s history and I am loaded with stories and facts about how the Cold War impacted Berlin and its local people. I will share all of my local insights with you. Is there something in particular that you would like to see in Berlin? Let me know and I will personalize this tour to fit your wishes.

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