Benfica Stadium: Lisbon's Football Fan Tour


Let's share together the passion for football on this incredible private experience through Lisbon's sports culture. I am a loyal fan and I have my seat reserved since 1996, so believe me when I say that I have seen some incredible matches. Want to hear more stories? Let's visit the Benfica Stadium where some of the greatest players in history have played here. I'll tell you about the time I say Rui Costa, Nuno Gomes, Di Maria & more! Plus I have also witnessed the greatest clubs in action like Inter Milan of Javier Zanetti, the AC Milan of Maldini or the Barcelona of Lionel Messi! For more history and local insights about football in Lisbon, you'll also visit the Benfica museum. These places offer a timeline of the devotion of the people of Lisbon to football. We are truly passionate about it! Let's have a beer in Catedral da Cerveja where you can see the stadium and listen to more secrets of Benfica and its big star Eusebio! An experience that you will never forget!

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