Be a Roman For a Day Walking Tour!


Let's have a walk through the streets of Rome, the wonderful city I live in! I'll offer you a completely private tour designed to suit your wishes! I'm gonna take you around, from the most popular attractions like the Vatican city to the most hidden and local paths and squares. We will pass by one of the most beautiful bridges of Rome, Ponte Sant'Angelo and walk trough the most hidden and picturesque paths and squares like, Via del Governo Vecchio or Piazza Sant'Eustacchio, places where no other guides will take you. I will also show you wonderful streets and little square like Piazza Farnese or Via Giulia. Together, we will discover the best Roman places and see how a typical Roman local spends his days. I will show you typical bars, cafes and restaurants, that only a native Roman could tell you about. You'll have a taste of our local culture, history, traditions and architecture, while being surrounded by typical Italian colours, smells and sounds. I'll tell you about our folklore, including traditional, passionate and hypnotic music and dances. And of course, after all that walking, I'll take care of your stomach too, showing you the best places to eat our local cuisine, which is famous all around the world. I'll tell you about the Roman food spots where only local people eat. I know a few places where you'd be able to try mouthwatering typical dishes you really have to try! I'll create a unique experience just for you to take home. I believe each experience is unique and represents a life souvenir. Definitely something money can't buy! See you soon in Rome!

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Prijs: € 47.00

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