Baroque Architecture, Art & Sculpture Private Tour


Want to visit some of the best and most beautiful pieces of Baroque-style art and architecture? Well,​ you’ve come to the right place. Rome is the birthplace of this extravagant art period and you will find examples all over the city. I am going to show you some of Rome’s most impressive pieces and must-see spots. The Baroque style is bold, dramatic and truly extravagant. We are going to admire the best that Rome has to offer. Together we will visit intricately carved fountains and marvel at the work of some of the period’s greatest artists and hidden masterpieces. It wouldn’t be a Baroque tour without a visit to the famous Church of St. Ignatius. The clever play on perspective has created a truly unique ceiling which gives the impression it is several meters higher than in reality. A real trick for the eyes! Let’s pop into the Pantheon and admire the mesmerizing interior. Then we’ll take a quick stroll through the buildings designed by one of the Baroque period’s most infamous architects, Bernini. There are many impressive sights to see in Rome’s stunning city center and this tour can be completely personalized to suit you. Are there any other places that you have always wanted to visit? Let me know so that I can customize our route to suit your artistic ideas.

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