Barcelona Civil War Private Tour with a Local


Retrace the historical events that lead to Barcelona's Civil War through entertaining storytelling and real-life experiences. Join me on an enlightening private tour and discover the history of the conflict for power among fascists, anarchists, and communists. Want to know why Franco had to conquer Barcelona before Madrid? I can tell you all about it as we discover the city and its history. Take a journey back in time to the beginning of the Second Spanish Republic in front of the monument of Francesc Macia. To what it is now a lively plaza, during the Civil War, Plaza Catalunya was a place where all the fightings were centered. Let's wander around and see the old Hotel Colon, home of the communists, and the telephonic building, home of the anarchists. Discover the importance behind the famous district of La Rambla during the second year of the conflict. Here, we take a literary approach and remember authors like Orwell, Hemingway and Garcia Lorca. I will also take you to the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona where I'll point out hidden details and signs often overlooked but significant to the Civil War. Hear all about the dark history behind Placa de Sant Felip Neri and the Cathedral. These two landmarks bear marks of the violence of the bombs and the final victory entrance of Franco in the city in January 1939 and are still visible nowadays. Want more history or have other places in mind? Let me know! I can always customize your experience 100% to satisfy your need for knowledge.

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