Bangkok Like a Local: Tuk-tuk Tour


Yes! Tuk-tuks are a well know attraction in Thailand, they are even a local symbol recognized worldwide. Want to go on a tuk-tuk ride? Be like a local and use the tuk-tuk to move around and let our local guide take you on a private tour through temples and markets. Forget about the touristy tuk-tuks, Our local team knows the difference between the real ones and the tourist traps. With us, you will experience Bangkok like a local 100% =========> There are the following options of our Tuk-Tuk Tour that you can experience, just let us know so we can make it as your wishes:).............. 1. The holy and important places of Thailand; are the grand palace, wat Pho, wat Arun temple, flower market, and the famous local street food area where you have the opportunity to see first-hand the bustling local life..................... 2. The grand palace, wat Pho, wat Arun temple, take a long tails boat at Chaopraya river, and visit the famous local street food area.............. 3. Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Flower market, see the sunset at the golden mountain temple and then enjoy dinner at the riverside( or street food area). 4. A night tour will visit a local street food area and the night market or the sky bar to see the view of Bangkok at night. We are looking forward to show you Thailand through the eye of locals! ********************************************************************************* Nous avons un guide francophone.

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