Bangkok From Evening to Night Like a Local


Kick-off your local experience at a beautiful botanical park that is loved by locals. This is the biggest park in Bangkok! Every evening families and friends will flock to the park to hang out, picnic, work out, or enjoy a boat ride. Let's wander around and take time to marvel at many beautiful flower gardens. You can also sit around the canal to feed fish or take a boat ride while watching the sunset. A lively local market awaits you! Situated on old train tracks, this unique location only opens in the evening from Thursday to Sunday. It is the largest train market in Bangkok! Enjoy the local vibe, and I'm more than happy to tell you all about the various types of foods and products that are sold here. Do as the locals do and taste a delicious Janglon or Fried Tod Man! This dish is created from an ancient recipe and is rare to find at regular local markets in Thailand. After you've enjoyed your appetizer, I can tell you more about Thai foods sold at local vendors, hawker stalls, and restaurants. What’s great about this market is that chefs will show you how they prepare their menus live in front of you. This way you can learn all about the flavorful local ingredients that you may have never hear of before. After an authentic dinner, we can stroll around many types of shops and stalls with both first-and second-hand goods. Let's top off your experience at one of my favorite local bars where locals party and hang out at night. Enjoy your goodbye drink of a nice cold local beer as you listen to local bands playing music and singing local and international songs. ​ This tour can be 100% customized around your preferences, just let me know your wishes! *Night Market open from Thursday to Sunday *Botanical Garden closes at 7:00 pm

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