Authentic Hanoi - Like a Local Family


Go beyond the typical tourist spots and enjoy the true heartbeat of Hanoi like a local family! See where the local families hang out and live everyday life. On this private tour your local host can take you to family friendly places only the locals know! Visit an everyday market that’s famous for its delicious snacks! Watch locals come and go and take a peek at the delicious meals they’ve ordered. Wander down the market with its many stalls to surround yourself with the best ingredients that Vietnamese dishes are made of. You might even pick up a secret recipe or two! Stroll around the countless old apartment blocks to get a real feel for what a local neighborhood is like. See how families of at least two generations harmoniously share a home. The infamous “tiger cages” might amaze you, so feel free to ask your local host all about them! Stumble upon one of the many recreational squares with playgrounds, bbq spots and fire pits to burn lucky money. It doesn’t take long to realize why local families love coming here! Don’t forget to check out the local kindergarten with parents buzzing by on scooters to pick up their kids. Time for a sweet treat! Your kids will enjoy a delicious coconut ice-cream served in a coconut shell. A refreshing break to recharge energy and keep going! Time for some tranquil park vibes! Do as the locals do to unwind and enjoy a walk through a lusciously green park with a beautiful lake. Catch the occasional smile from salsa dancing locals and kids running around freely. Let your kids mingle with the local children at the playground while you and your local guide chit chat about local recommendations for your family! And nestled on a peaceful side street lies the Buddhist temple that can’t be missed! Is that the smell of coffee? Yes, it is! Top off your tour with a coconut coffee at a hidden local cafe. It truly feels like a secret garden here! The local hosts on your family friendly private tour are all great with kids and amazing storytellers and they can’t wait to share some unique insights with you. Your private host is a true local and can give you great advice on how to make the most of the rest of your stay in Hanoi with your family!

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Prijs: € 9.00

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