Athens LGBTQ Culture & Hangout Spots


Be part of the proud gay community of Athens and join me in a 3 hour night walking LGBTQ tour around the city! Visit the hottest places where the locals like to mingle as well as some secret, well-hidden spots. Connect with the locals, find yourself in this welcoming community and see the real picture of the LGBTQ scene of Athens. On this private tour, you will have a peek into the Athenian gay lifestyle by visiting local places and meeting spots of the local LGBTQ community. This is also your opportunity to learn historical facts about the upbringing of the community with amazing stories. Lets have together a Night-time Sight- Seeing! See neighborhoods important for the LGBTQ community, past and present. Start at Zappeio park, the most popular gay cruising park in the city. Visit also St. Fotini a historical place where Socrates and Plato used to hang out. Learn how ancient philosophers explored the aspects of homosexuality and visit Sigrou Avenue, the old gay neighborhood. Throughout the experience, I will take you to some of my favorite bars outside of the touristy path, for drinks and more insightful stories. Of course, I can personalize these stops to fit your preferences. And to keep the night going, I'll take you to the popping Gazi area, the place to be for the LGBTQ community! Enjoy a night out in popular gay bars and dance the night away! For more information do not hesitate, send me a message and let me know if you wish to change anything in the itinerary!

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