Art Workshop & Ice Cream: A Perfect Combination


Here is what you need for a perfect day in Prague: art & ice cream! Join me on a unique experience that starts with a local treat and ends with you drawing your version of Prague. I will also take you to discover the city center where you'll see the main sights, secret passageways, some hidden gems and contemporary art masterpieces. This utterly private experience will take you to an Art Gallery, to a delicious Cremeria right on the Old Town where you'll taste delightful ice cream and to an art space where you'll meet an inspiring local artist. Take back with you a unique memory, and paint your version of Prague. You might not know yet, but you can draw. So give it a try! Feel free to ask if you have any special requests, and I'll personalize this unique experience just for you.

Webwinkel: Withlocals
Prijs: € 35.00

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