Aperitivo with Famous Authentic Milan's man


As a proud Milanese, I am excited to introduce you to my favorite part of the day; aperitivo! Us locals love aperitivo as it helps us unwind with our friends after a hard day working. Be part of this fun local tradition & feel like a true Milanese. This particular aperitivo is even better because we will be joined by Mister Brambilla. Mister Brambilla is a local journalist and one of the most interesting Milanese men I've ever known! Let's meet at Sant' Ambrose! We'll enjoy a nice little walk around the church and I'll introduce you to Mister Brambilla. He'll take us to a delicious local bakery to get some focaccia before heading to his beautiful home for aperitivo. It is a must to start your aperitivo experience with a drink. Enjoy a glass of the best wine while eating a typical Milanese aperitivo. From Mister Brambilla's apartment, you'll get the most amazing views of Milan's skyline from his balcony! Be part of the local lifestyle and be amazed by the flavors & atmosphere of Milan together with the real locals. Any requests? Don't hesitate and let me know!

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Prijs: € 73.53

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