An Authentic Danubian Fisherman Cooking Class


The traditional fisherman's soup in Hungary holds a traditional secret that can only be found at a local's kitchen. I know how to create this authentic local dish and I want to show you the unique method to create this delicious soup on a private cooking class! To stick to the original recipe is essential to have an open-air fire, high-quality fishes, and Hungarian red pepper. Luckily, I'll provide all of these items & ingredients, all you gotta do is follow my lead. This soup is equally tasty and easy to make, you will love it! And when the soup is ready, let's enjoy it together with other local tastings like some appetizers & dessert. But if you have any dietary requests, I can easily adapt the cooking class. Let me know if there are other traditional dishes you would like to learn!

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Prijs: € 60.00

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