Almada Trip - Best Lisbon Views


Are you ready to discover the most stunning views of Lisbon? You will have to meet me on the other side of the river. We'll start the trip by catching the typical ferry boat called ''cacilheiro''. We'll head to Cacilhas, a nice place with many stories related to fishermen's lives and ship building. We will then walk along the river side where you will find some remains of what was once the industry of boat repair. Today they are ruins with some charming street art. Be amazed with the beautiful garden of Ginjal where we take a break for some minutes. We will visit the naval museum where I will tell you a few stories related to the life of men who worked in the area. I'll tell you stories on how they contributed to do the amazing job of building and repairing enormous ships. After the visit, we'll go up by elevator to old Almada, the historical part of the city. One thing is certain: your eyes won't ignore the view. Lisbon and the river will always fill the beautiful backdrop! We will visit the Casa da Cerca, a modern art museum which was once an 18th century palace. It has a very lovely botanic garden and again a stunning view from above. We will walk along the old town streets and go down back to Cacilhas. On the way you will find a very charming street, a beautiful frigate, a submarine and a lighthouse. I hope you will enjoy this ride to a magical place where you will find the most beautiful views of Lisbon!

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