All About Mezes: Private Cooking Workshop


One of my favorite things to cook for my friends and family are mezes. This longtime tradition has helped me perfection different kind of mezes recipes using simple & practical methods. Want to learn how to make them? Join me at my kitchen with a panoramic Istanbul view on Prince Island for a private cooking workshop and learn all the secrets about how to make tasty mezes. I'll teach you how to prepare classic Turkish appetizers with cuisine influences from the Ottoman, Anatolian Greek, Middle East, Armenian, Circassian and Balkan cultures. First, we decide on what to prepare, then is all hands on! After that, it is time to enjoy together your tasty creations. Let's share a good time while enjoying delicious food, local drinks and nice stories. If you are a food lover, this is going to be the best opportunity for you to create delightful dinners back home. Let me know what would you like to learn and I can customize the workshop around your preferences!

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