African Influences in Lisbon Private Tour


Lisbon is a multicultural gem, but there's one culture in particular that has deeper roots planted all over the city. Come with me on a private tour that will show you the big influence African culture has left all over Lisbon. From food, music, language and more, you'll leave knowing why Lisbon is the most African capital of Europe. It all started with the Moorish arrival at Lisbon. With an incredible view from Miradouro das Portas do Sol, where you can see Alfama and the river Tagus, I'll introduce you to the Moorish history while looking at the Cerca Moura Moorish Wall. Your Moorish journey will take you all the way to Rua do Costa do Castelo which was the starting point to what was the Moorish hill in the city - Mouraria. Follow me to the heart of Mouraria where you'll hear all about the importance of the Moorish city of Lixbuna. Other historical influences were the commercial trades that still represent an important connection between Africa and the city, and you can see that in Largo do Martim Moniz, Centro Comercial da Mouraria. The relationship between Portugal and Africa has some rocky moments and you'll see that on several monuments around town. From the place where the revolution took place to Praca D. Luis I where there's a statue that serves as a reference to the end of the slavery. This private experience will enlightened and open your mind to how other cultures have affected Lisbon's history. And if you want to know more, I can gladly create a unique tour to satisfy your need for knowledge!

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