Accademia Museum & Family Treasure Hunt through Florence


Let your little explorers discover Florence through a series of fun games and a treasure hunt. See iconic masterpieces throughout the city and find clues and symbols waiting to be discovered. This unique family friendly tour is the perfect way to keep the kids entertained and interested in the beautiful artistic gems the city has to offer. Walk in the old city center, admire its squares and monuments through stories and myths, and discover sculptures of animals, heroes, and saints that will guide you in the adventurous and fascinating historic path of the city. Your kids will enjoy a treasure hunt, games, and a gelato along the way! Get priority access to the Academy Museum, site that is home to the most important sculpture of the city, the David by Michelangelo. This gigantic block of marble was carved by the artist at a young age and in only four years it turned into an absolute art masterpiece. Feel free to wander around the museum and discover more impressive works of art. Throughout the whole experience, I will point out to other family friendly places or things to do in the city. And if you have any requests, I will gladly change the tour to fit your family's needs. You and your family will love this fun way to explore Florence!

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